Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker


updated manuals may be available from (this guide made 2/4/14)

user guide & technical specifications:Tobii_TX300_EyeTracker_UserManual.pdf

Software options:

1) Tobii Studio Software: Tobii_UserManual_TobiiStudio3.2_301112_ENG_WEB.pdf

-Windows only

-very expensive, we have 1 install purchased

2) SDK software: Tobii Analytics SDK Developers Guide.pdf

-matlab (Windows, Mac OSX)

-python (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

-.NET (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

-C++ (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

-no official SDK support for Presentation, but extensions do exist:

-note: with Cedrus StimTracker (trigger box) can simultaneously mark onset of a light sensor on Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker (fiber optic cable connects Cedrus StimTracker and Tobii TX300) – see page on Cedrus StimTracker for details