NYU ECoG scripts


Training script

The training scripts/datasets are located in /space/mdeh4/1/halgdev/projects/kristenb/training_script/, or can be downloaded here, main function is single_run_VisualLocalizer.m and all necessary functions/data are all included in the directory. The main script contains the following basic steps for ECoG data analysis:

  1. Setting up input, output and parameters for the task
  2. Loading data into Matlab and viewing them
  3. Epoching data with pre-defined trials
  4. Visual rejecting channel ( or trial ) outliers
  5. Calculating low frequency and high gamma power
  6. Doing statistical test on selected events
  7. Plotting results

The purpose of this script is to let new students get familiar with common setups and process in ECoG data analysis.


Task code & log files for example ECoG data set

Visual Screening Task for NY394 (the ECoG neural data above was collected during performance of this task)

Task is a visual localizer that includes multiple trials of the following conditions:

  1. Faces
  2. Buildings
  3. Bodies
  4. Patterns
  5. English words
  6. False fonts
  7. Animals
  8. Outside and Inside scenes


Electrode localization

The full output folder of the lab’s electrode localization routine for the training data can be downloaded here. Please see http://ieeg.pbworks.com/w/page/8667047/Viewing%20Electrode%20Locations for viewing the electrodes. For more information see http://ieeg.pbworks.com/w/page/23083979/Electrode%20Localization .


ECoG Pre-processing & Visualization Tools


  1. ieeg_Moviemaker – visualization tool for making topographic animation of grid data
  2. kb_moviefun – visualization tool for plotting average HGP (and area above threshold), auditory trigger channel, and trigger events. Compressed file includes function and sample files.