NYU AdTech electrodes


The main supplier of intracranial electroes at NYU is AdTech: http://www.adtechmedical.com/

The 2008 catalog can be downloaded here: http://www.adtechmedical.com/MKTG-3006_Rev_M.pdf

2009 catalog

or directly from the vendors web site.

  1. NYU AdTech electrodes
    1. Grids & Strips
    2. Laminar Depths


Grids & Strips

Products used by Werner Doyle:

Below are the re-order numbers for the electrodes that are utilized most frequency by Werner.

2-contact (used for ground): NS02R-KS10X-000

4-contact: TS04T-SS10X-0C5

6-contact: TS06T-SS10X-0C5
8-contact: TS08T-SS10X-0C5

10-contact: TS10R-SS10X-000

12-contact: TS12R-SS10X-000

20-contact grid (5×4): FB20C-SS10X-000

64-contact grid (8×8 – wires center): FG64C-SS10X-0CA

64-contact grid (8×8 – wires on side): FB64C-SS10X-0C5

Not all strip and grids are listed by these exact names in the catalog. They are special orders for Dr Doyle.  tHe two 64 cntact grids have the exact same dimensions.

  • Clearly the numbers designate contacts after the first two letters.
  • SS designates stainless steel.
  • 10X is the number of millimeters between contacts for the grid and strip 05X for the depth.
  • Strips, with slightly different product numbers, are designated as having 4 mm contacts (with 2.3 mm actually exposed making surface contact) and 10mm interelectrode distance.
  • Depths have cylidrical electrodes 2.3 mm in length and 1.1 mm in diameter spaced 5mm from center of the electrode to center of the eletrode.
  • Chad Carlson had been informed previously that the grids were 5mm electrodes.  In the catalog — again without the exact product number matching — it appears that all grids utilize 4mm electrodes (with 2.3 mm actually exposed making surface contact)

Laminar Depths


  •  The Adtech electrodes are Behnke Fried electrodes. They come in 7 and 8 contact versions. We have been using the 7 contact version. The catalog numbers and recent prices are:
    • CBF-7PX-F103
    • CBF-8P-13
    • Approximately $350 each
  • Special cables can be ordered to go with these electrodes (L-DC-7DIN and L-DC-8DIN) depending on what the EEG techs use currently.  Because of the microelectrode coming out the back they can not use their usual connectors if the ones they use are called Cabriolet connectors which slip on. They need connectors which come apart

Depth electrodes with microwires


ADTech Rep for NYU:

Heidi Schulz

Clinical Sales Specialist – Eastern U.S.

Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation

1901 William Street

Racine, WI  53404

1-800-776-1555 ext. 109

262-634-5668 – fax

Email: hschultz@adtechmedical.com

Web: www.adtechmedical.com

Contact for electrode connectors:


Casey Stengel at Neuralynx at 406-585-4542.