nsuite is the software that runs the NSpike data acquisition hardware.  NSuite includes three components: nstream, nview and ntools.  Access to nsuite is provided through a subversion repository.  Each component of nsuite is contained within a separate subdirectory of the nsuite repository:  nsuite/trunk/nstream, nsuite/trunk/nview, and nsuite/trunk/ntools.



nstream is a set of C functions and matlab mex functions that form the engine of the data acquisition system.  These functions let users control nspike hardware from within a matlab environment.  nstream starts and stops recordings, specifies the signal processing filters, controls digital output and provides a framework for modular extensions to on-line processing in C using executable modules.  Modules allow users to implement signal processing algorithms on the live data stream that would otherwise be too cumbersome to implement in real-time using matlab.



nview is a set of matlab functions for on-line experimental visualization.  nview contains the GUI interface that controls experimental recordings.  nview uses the nstream matlab mex functions to interface with the data acquisition hardware and make experimental data available for on-line visualizations. nview allows scrolling traces of raw data during the experimental session and more complex on-line data analyses to characterize the task responses of particular electrodes.  Complex data analyses that are too cumbersome to implement in real-time using matlab alone can be implemented within nstream using the module architecture.  nview can then visualize the results of those computations.

When nview is started, the user is prompted for subject and experiment definition files.  The Definition Files contain variables that control data acquisition in nview and the processing in ntools.



ntools is a set of matlab functions for off-line data analysis.  ntools is stand-alone from nview and nstream but depends on these packages because it interfaces with the data files recordeded by nstream using nview and uses settings from the experiment definition file.