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SCAN is software for preprocessing, analysis and visualization of EEG data. Runs on PC.

Scan 4.3 software installation can be downloaded from here: /home/ccarlson/software/neuroscan

Scan needs a parallel port or USB dongle as license key. There are several available in the lab. Most are restricted to 80 channels.

Key emulator:  available at /home/ccarlson/software/neuroscan/Scan_key_emulator/SENTEMUL2007/

– allows running of Scan software without hardware key. Restricted to 80 channels. Run .exe on PC.

Go to the Driver tab and click on ‘Install Driver’ if it’s not already installed. Then go to the Emulator tab and click ‘StartService’. Next, on the Dongles tab, click on ‘Load Dump’, and choose the ‘.dng’ file. If it worked, on the Emulator tab, it should say “FULL License” in the Status section. Finally, start SCAN.

Since January 2012 in order to run Neuroscan you have to change manually the date of the computer to a previous year. Don’t forget after using Neuroscan to update your computer time and date.


Opening Neuroscan files with more than 80 channels

Execute this file from the DOS prompt on your PC:  HeadEdit.exe

command line: headedit.exe NY7707_FW_cond1.avg

This will change the header of the .avg file so that you can open the file with Scan. Works with all Scan file formats (.eeg, .cnt). This process needs to be repeated every time a file is saved.

[Note that some processes in SCAN cause it to create a temporary file then read it in. For instance a zero-phase-shift filter (e.g. lowpass) accomplishes zero-phase-shift by filtering forward then reading the filtered temp file and filtering backward. These operations will fail because the temp file will have a regular header and thus will fail the 80-channel software lock test. There is no way to edit the temp file as it is made because it is locked by the system. -NTS]

Batch script for running headedit on all files in a given directory:

Download Perl:

copy this file to your C:/ folder:

also put a copy of headedit.exe in the same folder.

At the DOS command prompt, run:

C:\: perl c:data\eeg\NY32\averages\*.avg

(this will run headedit on all files with the .avg extension in the given folder. Change ‘*.avg’ to ‘*.eeg’ or  ‘*.cnt’ to process other file types.


VNC access to Scan running on a UCSD machine runs an XP emulator with a Scan USB dongle.  The XP machine has drive mapping for various home directories, such a ~halgdev/ and ~ccarlson/, which allows direct access to data stored at MMIL.

For information on VNC connections, see here.


Converting time_surfer average data to Neuroscan .avg files

Averages from the iEEG Time-Surfer stream can be converted to Neuroscan .avg files for viewing in SCAN with:


(you need to have iEEG stream scripts in your Matlab path: