Matlab for analysis

Always switch to the nyuieeg user in the terminal before opening Matlab for analysis:

# su nyuieeg

# matlab

** Make sure your matlab current directory is always the same as your root out directory before you run any functions. Timesurfer creates a Log folder in your current directory, so it is important that you always run your analysis from the same directory.


Using the Cluster

First, sign on to the cluster. In the terminal type:

# su nyuieeg

# ssh mmilcluster5

To see all jobs in the queue

# qstat

The matlab window will say “making directory:” and list the directory where it puts the scripts to be run and the log of errors.

Your folder will always be created here:

# cd /home/nyuieeg/batchdirs

Go to your specific folder to see the scripts being run:

# cd ts_process_ieeg_data_20110111T071121_NY276_HH

# cd pbsout

In this folder, the .err file, which displays errors that come up while running your script

The .out file is all of the output that you would see in your matlab command window if you were running the script locally.

To view these files:

#more run_ts_process_ieeg_data_1.err