Cedrus StimTacker (trigger box)



overview: StimTracker Universal ERP Interface.pdf

technical specifications: StimTracker Specifications.pdf

-inputs for: event markers from task script, photodiodes, auditory stimuli, voice key

-note: can simultaneously mark onset of a light sensor on Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker (fiber optic cable connects Cedrus StimTracker and Tobii TX300) – only photodiode 2 marks Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker, NOT photodiode 1 (see below)

-controlled via USB serial port emulation (no parallel port input available) – for those worried about this can see this paper for example:


Cedrus StimTracker has two DB-25s as output on back of box, bought a signal adapter to convert two DB-25s into one DB-25 (http://www.cedrus.com/support/stimtracker/tn1469_neuroscan.htm), pin schematic for single DB25 output:

note: only photodiode 2 (light sensor 2) also marks Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker if fiber optic cable connected, photodiode 1 (light sensor 1) does NOT mark Tobii TX300

Software options:

-Presentation, Matlab, E-Prime, Python, C++, SuperLab 4


-for Matlab use IOPort()